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10 Rap Songs That Will Pump You Up

You know the deal. Everybody’s got those songs that put that rage inside them that they use towards their stress relieving activity of choice. You could call it work out music, angry music, whatever.

These aren’t the top 10 rap songs that will pump you up, because music is opinionated. These are 10 rap songs that will likely get you going. There will be more “rap songs that will pump you up” lists posted, so don’t sweat it if you don’t get your fix from this batch.

Some listeners might stick these songs on when they’re going for a run, or preparing for a big challenge. Others might choose to give them a listen whilst commuting to work, or playing a tense game of PartyPoker;. We all have different times where we want to feel especially ‘pumped up’, and different tracks which fill us with energy and enthusiasm for the task at hand.

Take a look below and see if any of your top picks have been included. Maybe you’ll discover the perfect pump up track for you! And even if you don’t, you’re sure to enjoy listening yo this great selection of rap tracks.

Last but not least, all these songs are in the raw list of pump up songs right here.

Less talk, more music.

Number 10

Eminem – Till’ I Collapse Buy This Track

I always liked the song. Solid energetic verses being spit to a punchy beat. Till’ I Collapse is track 18 on Eminem’s The Eminem Show. It was also recently featured on some Call Of Duty commercial which I found pretty cool as it was released in 2002.

Number 9

Ludacris & Sum 41 – Get Back Buy This Track

Rap meets rock. I used to love Sum 41, I own Does This Look Infected?. I also have all of Luda’s CDs, except for that last one, was not a fan of that one. Anyways, if you think this track is too busy then I suggest you check out the original with just Ludacris.

Number 8

M.O.P. – Ante Up Buy This Track

Yup, the notables from Brownsville will put your emotions in overdrive with what can be considered a classic hip hop pump up song, ante up.

Number 7

Three 6 Mafia – Let’s Start A Riot Buy This track

Because you don’t need top notch lycerism to get pumped up, you have Three 6 Mafia. Not a lot of content to this song, nor any song by Three 6, but they’ve got the right variables to make a pump up song, they pulled it off pretty well.

Number 6

D12 – Fight Music Buy This Track

The dirty dozen creates a song with a beat that will drive you crazy topped with all the right lyrics. R.I.P. Proof.

Number 5

Mobb Deep – Shook Ones Pt. II

There ain’t no such thing as a half-way crook! One of THE sickest beats ever made gets torn up by legends. Don’t like hip hop? Well first of all why are you reading this? Second of all download the instrumental, it will do the trick itself. Check out 8 Mile (Movie) if you want even more emotion attached to this track.

Number 4

DMX – X Gon’ Give It To Ya

DMX himself is something that should pump you up. Unfortunately he may be difficult to find, so here is one of his many pump up songs:

Number 3

Trick Daddy – Let’s Go (feat. Lil’ Jon & Twista)

Yet another song not too fit when it comes to lyrics, but let’s be real,  pump up songs don’t need to be deep. Check it.

Number 2

Ice Cube – Go To Church (feat. Snoop Dogg & Lil’ Jon)

Cube does it all, but he raps better than he acts. 2 Consective Lil’ Jon appearances on the first rap pump up songs list. Watch out.

Number 1

Nas – You Can Hate Me Now (feat. Puff Daddy)

Ladies and gentlemen that is all for today, this concludes MFE’s first Rap Pump Up Songs list. There will be more and there will be others. Stay tuned.


  1. check out Saw Theme Remix by BoneCrusher…if you haven’t heard this before, your gonna like, its sick as hell

  2. Hey Brandon,

    I’ll check that out ASAP! I’ve been scraping together another rap songs/pump up songs list so maybe you’ll see it in the next few days!

  3. Good list – I have quite a few of those on my playlist, but you’ve gotta have Fort Minor – Remember The Name!


  4. I personally LOVE Remember The Name by fort minor and Lose Yourself by Eminem and Can’t be Touched by Roy Jones Jr. ( Wich were not in your list yet :P ) And by the way, thanks for your top 10 :)

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