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10 angry songs that represent angry music

Hello ladies and gents! We are back today to present you a list of angry songs, angry music! We realize if you are looking for angry songs than you might not be reading this nice block of text here, but I am going to continue writing it anyways. As soon as I am done posting this I’m going to hit the gym and give this playlist a test drive. Let us know whether or not our angry music playlists are working for you, or not. Here we go again (less talk more music).


10. Taking Back Sunday – Cute Without The ‘E’

9. Ludacris – Who Not Me (feat. Small World)

8. 2Pac – Hit ‘Em Up

7. Canibus – 2nd Round K.O.

6. Papa Roach – …To Be Loved

5. Three Days Grace – Gone Forever

4. 12 Stones – Lie To Me

3. 50 Cent – Don’t Push Me (Feat. Eminem, Lloyd Banks)

2. Pantera – Fucking Hostile

1. Eighteen Visions – Black And Blue


See you soon!

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